American system of administrative punishment has no counterpart in scale or severity.

Solitary confinement is by far the worst torture in the supermax. Human minds fare poorly in isolation, which “often results in severe exacerbation of a previously existing mental condition or in the appearance of a mental illness where none had been observed before,” Stuart Grassian, a Boston psychiatrist and authority on solitary confinement, writes in … Read more

What do the search results mean?

Name Self-explanatory. For a common name such as “Charles Brown,” there will be many duplications. Fill in the Middle Initial field to help reduce duplications. Register No. Even if you entered another type of number for your search, this shows the inmate’s Federal Bureau of Prisons Register Number. Age This is based on the inmate’s … Read more

What Is An Inmate Search?

An inmate search is your absolute best resource when you want to track down a loved one, friend, relative or anyone else that you know is incarcerated somewhere in the United States but are unsure of exactly where. An inmate search works in less than a minute usually and covers city, county, state and Federal … Read more

What Can An Inmate Search Tell Me?

An inmate search can tell you more than you probably think and this is because what you’ll find with an inmate search will closely parallel the same things you’d find if you did a traditional background check. This is a very useful type of search that many people do every day for one reason or … Read more

Reasons a Victim May Use An Inmate Search

It’s not always someone looking to reconnect with a lost friend who decides to perform an inmate search. In some cases it’s actually a victim who has been wronged by an inmate and needs to keep informed about where they are and when they’re going to be there. This is especially common among domestic disputes … Read more

How Contacting An Inmate Can Help You

Contacting an inmate doesn’t always have to be for people simply looking for an old friend or family member. There are often times when finding an inmate can be very beneficial, even if you don’t know them personally. Something that will immediately come to mind is finding someone who has been through something similar to … Read more

How Can I Find An Inmate?

Finding inmates is a difficult process that will be successful or unsuccessful due to many different factors when you try and do this yourself. You will have to call various facilities and visit tons of jail and sheriff websites and many of these won’t be able to provide you with what you’re looking for in … Read more

How Can I Contact An Inmate?

To contact an inmate, you’ll need to know a few very important pieces of information. You’ll need to know their full name, inmate number, often called a DOC number, the facility’s inmate mailing address and also the protocol they have when it comes to writing inmates. Each facility will have a detailed list of what … Read more

Different Types of Institutions an Inmate May Be In

As you probably know, there are quite a few different types of institutions that an inmate may find themselves in depending on the crime commited and when and where they were arrested. The severity of the crime will determine this outcome along with some other factors such as whether or not the crime was Federal … Read more

Find Inmates In The US

This could be for a criminal act, failure to appear, domestic squabble or even something as simple as being pulled over and ending up in jail for the weekend. Not all facilities allow you to call someone immediately, this is something shown on television and it can be very troubling if your spouse, friend or … Read more