What do the search results mean?

Self-explanatory. For a common name such as “Charles Brown,” there will be many duplications. Fill in the Middle Initial field to help reduce duplications.
Register No.
Even if you entered another type of number for your search, this shows the inmate’s Federal Bureau of Prisons Register Number.
This is based on the inmate’s date of birth, so it shows current age rather than age at release. If the inmate is known to be deceased, that will appear in the “Date Released” column.
Self-explanatory. Hispanic refers to ethnicity and race will vary.
Release Date
Most inmate searches will result in a date being posted in the “Release Date” field. If the listed date is in the future, it reflects the inmate’s projected release date based on BOP calculations. For inmates whose offense was committed prior to November 1, 1987, and who are eligible for parole, the projected release date displayed reflects the inmate’s statutory release date (expiration full term minus good conduct time). The U.S. Parole Commission may, however, grant parole for these offenders at an earlier date than is listed.

If the listed date is in the past and no facility location is indicated, the release occurred on the date listed and the inmate is no longer in BOP custody. Note, however, that the inmate may still be on parole or supervised release or in the custody of some other correctional/criminal justice system. If the Release Date field indicates “UNKNOWN”, the inmate’s confinement term is not determined (e.g. he or she may be in pretrial status, has not yet been sentenced, is being held due to a civil commitment, etc.)

For inmates still in BOP custody, this shows the name of their location. Inmates shown as being in a Regional Office are serving a concurrent state sentence in a state prison. Inmates shown as being in a Community Corrections Management (CCM) center are in a contract “halfway house” (not in the CCM). “IN TRANSIT” means the inmate has been moved from a BOP facility, and may or may not be returned. For example, a pretrial inmate may have been removed by the U.S. Marshals Service and subsequently released by the court with no further notice to the BOP. “RELEASED” means the inmate is no longer in BOP custody.

source: bop.gov

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  1. I am looking for help finding Nicole Bond Hicks. She was taking a Bible study correspondence course before she was released this past February. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with her. We would like to get in contact with her so she can continue these lessons. Here is her information:

    Nicole Bond Hicks #25433075
    (formerly at) FMC Carswell
    Ft. Worth, TX 76127

    Age: 49
    Sex: Female
    Race: Black

    Thank you for your help!

    Matthew V.
    Abundant Pardon Prison Ministry


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