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FederalPrisonCampOur records contain information about federal inmates released 2022 year.
This database contains public record information on felony offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections.

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Federal Inmate Release 2022 - October
Inmate Name, Age Inmate Id Release Date
Zapata Eugenio, 40
White Male
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Inmate #41655480 Projected Release: October 30, 2022

RRM San Antonio
Zazueta Nereida Mercado, 27
White Female
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Inmate #22457509 Projected Release: October 16, 2022

☏ +16025147075
Zuniga - Guerrero Gilberto, 31
White Male
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Inmate #78041509 Projected Release: October 15, 2022

☏ +19284286600
Zeron - Sagahon Luis Alberto, 44
White Male
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Inmate #08255510 Projected Release: October 21, 2022
Camper Zakee Rasheed, 21
Black Male
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Inmate #24129510
☏ +12155214000

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  1. Name Booking Number Booking Date
    BAGLEY, THOMAS WAYNE 2021-203953 8/31/2021
    BAGNUOLO, BRANDON MICHAEL 2020-198448 12/8/2020
    BAHLER, PAUL BRYANT 2021-201649 5/20/2021
    BAILEYMANGRUEM, TERRY TRAVARUS 2021-203653 8/19/2021
    BALABUSZKO, JACOB MATTHEW 2021-205430 11/5/2021
    BALDOCK, BRITNEY MAY 2021-205794 11/26/2021
    BALDWIN, DAVID WAYNE 2019-188751 9/13/2019
    BALES, HARVEY PHILLIP 2020-193473 3/2/2020
    BANGS, TRAVIS JORDAN 2021-199114 1/18/2021
    BANKS, BRENDA JOYCE 2021-203811 8/26/2021
    BARBER, AIESHA KAY 2021-204556 9/27/2021
    BARNES, BRYANT NMN 2020-195156 7/15/2020
    BARNETT, DONTERRIUS LAMONT 2021-199341 1/28/2021
    BARTH, JONATHAN THOMAS 2021-205619 11/16/2021
    BARTON, NICOLETTE JOSEPHINE 2021-205506 11/10/2021
    BAYARDOQUINTERO, HECTOR JAVIER 2021-204425 9/21/2021
    BAZZELLE, TALIB JAITWAN 2021-204332 9/17/2021
    BEACH, KEVEN DAWANE 2021-204290 9/15/2021
    BEACHAM, CHARLES E 2021-201953 6/2/2021
    BEARD, BENARD LAMONT 2021-199412 1/31/2021
    BECK, RAKIM SHAKUR 2021-204106 9/7/2021
    BECKWOOD, BRIAN DESHAWN 2020-195581 7/31/2020
    BEESE, RODNEY GABRIEL 2021-202745 7/8/2021
    BELCHER, NATASHA Y 2021-204929 10/13/2021
    BELL, DONTAE LAMAR 2021-205586 11/15/2021
    BELL, RAMON DAVONTE 2021-205781 11/25/2021
    BENEVENTI, SHAUN ROBERT 2021-205499 11/9/2021
    BENJAMIN, CLARENCE JAMES 2019-190870 11/24/2019
    BENJAMIN, JORDAN MILIK 2021-203347 8/5/2021
    BENJAMIN, JOSEPH WAYNE 2019-190869 11/24/2019
    BERNARD, ERIC NMN 2020-195012 7/8/2020
    BIANCOFIORI, BENJAMIN DAVID 2021-204419 9/21/2021
    BILLS, MILTON DESHON 2021-205041 10/18/2021
    BLACKFREEMAN, MARQUESE ANTWAN 2021-204664 10/1/2021
    BLACKMON, CORSHAWN JAQUEZ 2021-205412 11/5/2021
    BLOOM, BRANDON EDWARD 2021-205120 10/22/2021
    BODINE, JAMES NOEL 2021-204491 9/24/2021
    BOLTZ, ANDREW FRANKLIN 2020-198060 11/10/2020
    BONTJES, STEVEN CRAIG 2021-205690 11/20/2021
    BOOSE, JOHN CARLOS 2015-131994 1/31/2015
    BOUMA, SHANE EUGENE 2021-199417 2/1/2021
    BOWDEN, MAURICE NMN 2021-201624 5/18/2021
    BOX, REZA LADON 2021-199672 2/13/2021
    BREAULT, ROLAND ROMEO 2016-151348 7/18/2016
    BREEDLOVE, JAHLIL ALI 2021-204475 9/23/2021
    BRESLIN, MICHAEL EDWARD 2021-204412 9/21/2021
    BRIGGS, RAHIME SUQ 2021-199420 2/1/2021
    BRINKMEIER, ERICH MICHAEL 2021-199024 1/14/2021
    BRITO, JUAN NMN 2021-200922 4/13/2021
    BROCKS, RRIONNA ALIZE 2021-205218 10/27/2021
    BROOKS, ALONZO NMN 2020-195519 7/29/2020
    BROOKS, ANTHONY ARIEL 2021-205533 11/12/2021
    BROOKS, THOMAS EDWARD 2021-205338 11/1/2021
    BROWN, CHARLES NMN 2021-201945 6/2/2021
    BROWN, CHARLES NMN JR 2021-201323 5/3/2021
    BROWN, DEREK TERELL 2021-204885 10/11/2021
    BROWN, DONTREL ULYSSES 2020-194311 5/14/2020
    BROWN, ERIC LORENZO 2019-190349 11/6/2019
    BROWN, GEOFFERY VINCENT 2017-168394 12/12/2017
    BROWN, JAMES LAMAR 2020-195477 7/28/2020
    BROWN, MARICE LAMAR 2021-205335 11/1/2021
    BROWN, RONALD DAVID 2021-205811 11/27/2021
    BROWN, TROY DARREL 2021-204805 10/8/2021
    BRUNT, PIERRE DIOR 2021-199038 1/14/2021
    BUCHANAN, CHARLES EARL 2021-205723 11/22/2021
    BUCZYNSKI, BRYCE PATRICK 2021-203791 8/25/2021
    BURGESS, ANTHONY DEJUAN 2021-203988 9/2/2021
    BURGOS, JOSEPH MICHAEL 2020-195683 8/4/2020
    BURNETT, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER 2021-205199 10/26/2021
    BUSH, JAVION TYREE 2021-201976 6/3/2021
    BUSH, RHONDA MICHELLE 2021-205831 11/28/2021
    BYARS, JONATHAN ANTION 2020-193836 3/14/2020

  2. I am a concern sister of a inmate. Emilio Valdez 31600-380 at FCI Gilmer . my brother was one of the few whom got accepted to be released during the pandemic he has been moved further away from home yet no one can answer why he is still being detained. Yet I have written n called and nothing it’s gets me fusterated by the way the BOP system is running ..when is he coming home to help care for the family – he is the only man and he has a job awaiting as soon as he touches ground.. He has learned his lesson he has been rehabilitated and is ready to live his life with all the tools n knowledge he gain being incarcerated w BOP. Thanks for helping him find his way in life he is also a Good Christian Man who puts God first AMEN .

  3. Ghilaine Maxwell is going to prison in Danbury CT. She will spend the next 18 years there for sex trafficking young girls.

    Not all victims get justice. Valerie Houghton has sex trafficked all of my children. She had me assaulted when I tried to protect them. Because Ms. Houghton is a well connected attorney, everyone just looks the other way.


  4. Being in Federal Prison has to be difficult. This is for good reason. It is supposed to be a deterrent.

    Why is not a deterrent for certain people? Why do some people force children to be sexually abused? Why do some attorneys terrorize families?

    You need to be empathetic to find the answer to these questions. Family counselors (like Valerie Runyan Houghton) can be damaged goods. They project their childhoods onto the rest of us. When you put money and connections into the mix, it only puts fuel into the fire.

    Ms. Houghton is unable to stop herself even if she wanted to. Who in their right mind would even want to hire her? It’s not that simple. Once Valerie is on your case, she will not want to leave. She embeds herself with hacking, extortion, corruption and violence. There is a long list of people who can attest to this.

    Just look at all her social media posts that I was directed to view: https://www.calameo.com/read/007275335e82b2638a407
    She is a monster hiding in plain site without fear of repercussion. There is a sickness within her that prevents her from stopping. Only an institution of some sorts is a suitable accommodation for Valerie. Allowing her to roam free is a burden for society.

  5. Sometimes you don’t need a prison to be imprisoned. You can have a person who tries to control you by hacking and stalking. A person like Valerie Houghton will stalk her victims everywhere that they go. She will threaten and harass them. The worst is when she does in this at your workplace. Everyone has to earn a living. You can’t just get up and go.

    Even when there is no reason to do this, Valerie can’t help herself. Before I ever complained and after my kids were sex trafficked, Ms. Houghton harassing through my phone/ computer and having people in my social circle deliver her messages.

    You just can’t makes sense of crazy. There are no rules or laws for her to follow. Anything goes. Children getting raped, violence and constant harassment are going to be the new norm.

    The best thing that you can do is take your kids far away and live in anonymity. Houghton will likely still find you, but at least try to get away before she completely embeds herself into your life.


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