Find Inmates In The US

 life of an inmateThis could be for a criminal act, failure to appear, domestic squabble or even something as simple as being pulled over and ending up in jail for the weekend.

Not all facilities allow you to call someone immediately, this is something shown on television and it can be very troubling if your spouse, friend or relative seems to have dropped off the map. A call to the police station or local jail may not always give you information if they are drunk, incapacitated, or simply sitting in a booking cell waiting to be processed. If you know someone in a large facility, they get transferred multiple times during their sentence as well and that could lead to a lot of confusion.

Using this site you’ll be able to find detailed inmate information you can use to:

Search for an inmate
Locate an inmate that has been transferred
Find addresses for jails, prisons and many other corrections office based institutions
Write an inmate or send them various types of mail
Send an inmate money they can use to purchase things while incarcerated
Find Inmates In The US
Searching For An Inmate

To search for an inmate, you can usually just put in their first and last name and be presented with a list of people. This inmate search can be narrowed down greatly if you know more about them like the state they are incarcerated in, their middle name and even smaller things such as their hair and eye color. This is especially useful for someone with a very common last name like “Smith”.

Locating A Transferred Inmate

Inmates are frequently transferred not just within a facility but sometimes across facilities themselves. You may know someone in cell block A of one jail and a week later they might be in Pod 3 of a completely different facility. They may not even have a chance to let you know. This site can help you figure out where they are quickly should this happen.

Find An Inmates Address And Send Them Money And/Or Mail.

We have most facilities listed but that won’t help if you don’t know where they are in the first place. Once you know, you can contact that facility by mail, phone or official site to get their mailing address and figure out how to send them money. Much of this can be done online so it’s a lot faster than it used to be.

An inmate search for a state where you think a loved one may be is one of the easiest ways to locate them due to many facilities being connected via computers. This is much easier than using a phone book or being transferred around by operators who may not be able to help you anyway.

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