How Can I Find An Inmate?

Finding inmates is a difficult process that will be successful or unsuccessful due to many different factors when you try and do this yourself. You will have to call various facilities and visit tons of jail and sheriff websites and many of these won’t be able to provide you with what you’re looking for in the first place. Lack of website updates, new corrections officers and even a facility simply being too busy when you call can all lead to you not getting what you need. Even small town jails may not have any information for you if you are looking for a loved one who was recently brought in.

The most common way to find an inmate in the past 50 years and more has been to simply call a jail or prison and hope for the best. Today it’s a lot easier for you because you can use an online inmate search instead. This inmate search will check facility records at county, state and Federal levels and check their name against every inmate on file. This will give you instant access to the person you’re looking for no matter where they are, what they are locked up for and for how long.

The best thing about an inmate search online is the sheer amount of information that can be found in just a few moments. The inmate search will search every single database that exists in the corrections systems, even small ones that can be hard for normal people to find. You’ll get a list of everyone who meets your criteria right away and if the person you’re looking for is indeed locked up, you’ll find them.

Making Your Search Easier

As with any type of search, the more information you have, the better your results. If you are looking for someone with a very common name, try to find out their middle name, the county they were initially arrested in or even their birthdate if possible. This will produce the best results possible but even if you don’t have much information about them, you’ll still get a list you can go through of people with the same name.

Can An Inmate Search Find Released Inmates?

This is a common question people have when someone they know has just been released. If the inmate went straight from a prison into the “free world” sometimes the answer is no. Usually, however, prisoners will have a transitional period where they are in some type of supervised setting such as a pre-release facilitiy, half-way house, or even a relatives house where they can be monitored for a few months. Many recently released inmates are also unable to leave the state they were released in for 6 months to a year. This can certainly help and an inmate search will tell you exactly when and where they were released.

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