What Can An Inmate Search Tell Me?

An inmate search can tell you more than you probably think and this is because what you’ll find with an inmate search will closely parallel the same things you’d find if you did a traditional background check. This is a very useful type of search that many people do every day for one reason or another.

Most people will associate a normal background check with something a potential employer will do but today everyone is able to do this, at any time and for any reason they like. This can tell you everything about someone that has slipped their mind or they have failed to tell you. Let’s take a look at other things you can find out.

Criminal History

An inmate search will give you a detailed list of every crime someone has committed since the age of 18 in most cases. This will include minor and major crimes and even traffic related crimes such as no insurance tickets. It will display the charge, whether or not a guilty plea was entered and what the sentence was. This is what many employers will look at.

Release Date

If this person is currently incarcerated, you can find out when they are scheduled to be released. This is useful for planning various things or to simply help keep tabs on where they are and to make sure they are doing well. Loved ones will really want to know this and sometimes the inmate themselves may not know exactly.

Previous Addresses

This will list many places someone has lived as well as where they were incarcerated. The dates are included so you can see how long someone lived in a specific place. This can be useful to find an inmate as most people will live somewhere near their last known address after release. Depending on the crime, they might be supervised closely in that town.

This will also list transfers made within the DOC along with addresses for each facility.

Known Associates

This is everything from relatives to friends that have signed on with them as references for things like loans. It will usually give immediate family as well.

This isn’t even all that an inmate search will turn up if you decide to do a full background check type search. You can get property and car information and even a credit score in some cases.

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